Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Quilt Tops

The pinwheels are for DD6. Her birthday is in August. I had to tear out and turn one of the blocks 90 degrees and sew it back in. it looks just fine. The whole thing is a little small, so I think I will be adding a border, maybe two. I still have A LOT of that fabric left. (enough for a border, a matching pillow, and probably another quilt.)

The framed pictures in DD8's quilt are Disney fairies, as are some of the fabric motifs in the frames. Others are just bright fabric that I thought enhanced the look. The picture doesn't do it justice. These colors are very bright. In that quilt I messed up the frames a bit on the last two pictures, but it is hard to detect unless you know it is there. I decided to leave them and not do a repair. It would have been much more complicated than fixing the turned pinwheel.

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