Saturday, June 16, 2007


Rip-it Rip-it

Have you ever been sitting quietly, ripping out a square from a quilt top because you sewed it turned 90 degrees from how it should have been, minding your own business, when the thought occurs to you that it is a good thing you aren't ripping the wrong seam?

No? Well, count yourself lucky. Because in my world that thought is inevitably followed by, "Well, I HOPE I am not ripping the wrong seam." Which is of course followed by checking to make sure I am not ripping wrong seam. And, if you are me, that is usually followed by "Oh, for crying out loud!"

At least it was only a few inches and will sew back easily enough.


Well, I have moved along on fixing and finishing DD6's quilt.

I have also folded 20 paper cranes since I made the list. That is 2% of 1000.

Now that I have the offending quilt square out, I need to go sew it back in, the right way.

Later, Kim

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