Thursday, February 6, 2014

AH hahahaha!

Looking back at my last post and seeing my complaints about the cold make me laugh now after feeling the effects of the POLAR VORTEX.   (I also laugh at my plans to take so many photos during the holidays.)

Sure...go ahead and plan, Past Me.  We both know the odds of it coming to pass.

The Holidays went well, but seemed to go quickly.  We put off decorating for so long that by the time we did get out tree up it felt like it was coming down immediately.  I will try to be better prepared this coming year.  (Please do not laugh at me, Future Me.)

Wild subject change coming in 3...2...1...

I saw a YouTube video of a TEDx talk last week that got me to thinking.   The speaker's point was that the amount of practice it takes to be passably good at something has been wildly exaggerated and that if people realized how possible it was to learn something new they would be pleasantly surprised.   (20 hours, rather than 10,000)  So, armed with that, I plan to expand my universe this year by taking up things that interest me but that I have, in recent years, felt that I had let too much of my life pass to take up, like drawing, or playing the mandolin, or painting, or...(insert something else awesome)

I do hope Future Me is laughing at how awesome it was to learn these things and not the audacity of  me planning something.  Naw, I am not going to HOPE for anything from Future Me.  I am going to make her look back on Present Me with awe and respect.   She'll owe me a lot!  But I don't expect anything in return, no.  She should pay it forward to Future Future Me.

Anyway, dd13 (that's the youngest) got a book on drawing cartoon people as one of her holiday gifts, AND I had an idea for a holiday card (or group of them) that involved cartoon drawings, SO...for my first 20 hours feat...SOUFFLE BAKING!  (Nope, just kidding) CARTOON DRAWING.

An hour a day should have my 20 done by the end of February.  I'll let you know how it goes.

Now, for your post-holiday enjoyment, Me with some of my gifts!  A Dressy Bessy doll, and a crochet hat and scarf.  I got more than that, but that is what is shown.  Judging by the size of Me, I'd say 1975 or 76.   Also pictured, The Big Chair and My Mother's Arm.