Sunday, April 13, 2014


Things are going well.  I don't want anyone to read the previous post and worry about us overmuch.  We have a decent savings tucked away for just such occasions.

DH hit the job market hard.  He had contacts from a couple of years ago, plus an attitude of not letting this snag him.  We decided what we wanted in a city and he decided hat he wanted in a job.  There have already been leads that got turned down because they didn't meet what we want.

Currently it looks as if we will be relocating to Dallas, TX.  It isn't definite, but it is almost there.  Sometime next week, early, we will be going to Dallas so he can have in-person interviews to follow up the video-call interview that happened last week.
   We were hoping to get it all scheduled Friday and be there on Monday, but that didn't happen.  We'll likely hear from them on Monday and either have to hit the road immediately or the next day.  At very least we'll know more than we do now.   I am looking forward to the trip, but also feeling a bit nervous.  Dallas is a bigger city than we have ever lived in, or even visited, really.

   While he is interviewing, I am tasked with checking things out in general, and the housing market in particular.  I have been doing some online research, but there is more I can do there in person.  So, I get to explore the Dallas area on my own while he lets some managers in on the secret that he is the guy they need in their department.

Every time I see this picture,  I think dd15 is in there center, until I notice the braces.  Pictured- dd16, dd13, and dd15.