Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Best Gift I received of 2009

Amazon Kindle

I love it! We are far enough from large bookstores to feel a crunch. There are book stores in Oxford, but they tend to be small and not necessarily carry the books I want. Add to that my health problems of the past year and you have me, sitting at home not reading new books.

With the Kindle I can download books from home instantly. They tend to be cheaper than even many paperback versions. I was shocked at the selection available. It's HUGE!

I loaded it with kids books for our trip to Kentucky for myself and the girls. They love it as much as I do. (Though once they have read all the new books I loaded on that may fade.)

Happy January!

Resolution time!

I fully realize that I almost NEVER keep my resolutions more than a few days, let alone for always. The longest I went was March once.

This year may go the same way, but if I don't try then I am guaranteed to not make a change.

I found some very interesting, Bible-based health books. The primary one in the group is What Would Jesus Eat? (Yeah, I made fun of that the first time I saw it in the book store too.) But it is basically the Mediterranean style diet that has been pushed for a few years as being the most healthy for humans, with a generous dash of scripture and history tossed in.

Also included on my new reading list are books by the same author on biblically treating diabetes, high-blood pressure, and arthritis. Now, these are more than "Pray and if you have enough faith God will send a miracle" books (though prayer is certainly a part of the mix) They rely more on clearing out much of the pollution modern "conveniences" have brought to our bodies, and especially come down hard on guck like fast food.

I know this isn't going to be an easy change. I have eaten like a modern American for all my life. Truth be told, it hasn't served me well, but I am attached to what I know.

For now I am reading through the books and drinking more water and less soda. The really interesting changes come when I start seeing what I can do about eating fish (a lot) and whole grains. Cutting out red meat and processed carbs is not as easy as it sounds.

I'll keep you up to date.

Here is Amazon's Don Colbert list

For your phot-viewing wonder! I present dd9 doing her school work. Enjoy!