Wednesday, May 27, 2009

What should I write about today?

I am sorry I have not been by here much. Life goes on outside the blogosphere and requires my attention more urgently.

School is going well. Division, Division, Algebra for Math. Europe for Geography. Eyeballs for Science starting next week. Do you know the difference between a rod and a cone?

DH said he saw a trailer for the new V series that looked like a serious dig at PrezO. Maybe the series is and maybe it isn't, but the trailer certainly was. I haven't seen it yet, personally, what with life going on and all that.

DD8 was baptised Sunday without a hitch. Her maternal grandparents were in attendance as well as her maternal paternal great-grandmother. (My parents came and my dad's mother.) I have pics but won't be posting any just now.

We are planning our summer vacation. We'll be going to Kentucky to visit my in-laws. We may go by Mammoth Caves. The girls enjoyed it the last time we went. I don't really know how I feel about the idea.

What is for dinner tonight? I have no clue. It is already 4pm, better decide, eh?

Bleeding Heart Barbie has a very important announcement.
She is just overcame with sadness and all sorts of bad feelings over the plight of Hostage Bunny. Until that poor bunny is released she will be on a hunger strike.

Saturday, May 23, 2009


For someone who has gone t ochurch all her life, you would think I knew pretty much what is in the Bible. (and I do, more or less, just nowhere near as much as I should)

I have been reading through since New Years. This is new for me, I generally don't bother. (That sounds terrible, doesn't it?) I have tried in the past and somewhere in the first five chapters of Leviticus I just can't keep on. The stories of the Old Testament are all familiar, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Moses, Elijah, Esther...I know the STORIES, but in my reading just now something profound stood out to me. It didn't change what I already believed or thought, it just phrased it in a way I find truly beautiful and profound.

1 Kings 19:11-12

A gentle whisper

Photo Assistant

My DD10 and I both agree that she had a "stupid job" to do during the latter part of our photo shoot. When I needed to take lower-seated shots of DD8 I had to take the backdrop (see one navy bedsheet) down off the closet door because it didn't reach to the floor and I didn't want to see the stoll or floor in the shot.

She said she expected her legs to get tired, but found that instead her arms got tired. (I could have told her that was what was going t ohappen.) I tried t obe quick so she didn't have to stand there long. In the picture she really looks gloomy. In actuality she was quite helpful and chipper, enjoying most of what we did. I just happened to snap the wider shot (than we had been taking of DD8) when she had a droopy expression. She laughs when we look at this picture.

Her hair is in its normal, woefully unbrushed, condition.

My Daughter , age 8

Tomorrow, DD8 will be baptised into our church. SHe is not nervous at all and greatly looking forward to the ceremony.

Today we went together, just she and I, and did a little shopping. While things in the Baptist tradition are less formal, I have always admired something of the majesty with which Catholicism treats such occasions. So, we bought a white dress for her to wear tomorrow and took pictures to commemorate the day. We discussed what the ceremony tomorrow means religiously and I made sure she was not just wanting gifts and to play in the water during church, haha.

More pictures will be forthcoming. We had a photoshoot today and I will be taking more photos tomorrow.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

What a Fabulous Date Movie!

Do you like satire? It tends to be a more sophisticated form of humor. It is one of those things that some people just don't get. (Of course, I suppose that can be said about just about any form of humor.)

I can remember reading Janathan Swift's "A Modest Proposal" in high school. The majority of the class, even in AP English lit, were just sitting there with befuddled looks on their faces. (Many because they could not negotiate the outdated English verbage.) Two of us were chuckling the whole time. When the teacher asked what the class thought, most stayed quiet. Some said they thought it was "horrible!" And two of us said it was hilarious. If you haven't read it, do.

Anyway, satire. It is sometimes very subtle. Like sarcasm, it can be lost on the audience. The writer of satire needs to be very talented, or else it is misunderstood, either as "making fun" (which it is, but in a higher form) "sarcasm" (which is less delicate) or as an endorsement of what was meant to be satired. "Happy Together" by the Turtles is an example of this. It was written because the songwriters was tired of sappy-happy love songs and wrote the supreme, ultimate sappy-happy love song to make fun of them. And, it was so enjoyed by people who love sappy-happy love songs that it joined their list of favorites.

Back to today's real prize. I love this. Understanding it does require a basic understanding of 20th century cinema and western culture. Well, not really, but you do have to know something about what "The Shining" by Steven King is about.


DH's opinion of the clip...
I generally dislike youtube because a vast majority of its stuff is brain-numbing bile, but every so often you come across a gem like this, where someone creative has made a small, possibly satirical, masterpiece.

DD10 built a card house neighborhood.

Sunday, May 3, 2009


My dear husband and I are very proud to announce that our youngest daughter has accepted Jesus Christ as her personal Lord and Savior. She had come to us saying she did not want to be a sinner and sha wanted to be a Christian. She and I talked for a few weeks about what it means to be a Christian, about what we as a family and she as an individual believes about God and His Son. This morning she went forward during the invitation and spoke to our pastor about making a public profession of faith in Jesus.

We could not be more proud. Her smile was as big as any I have ever seen. She was nervous about going up in front of the congregation, but managed to get through it. It helped to know that everyone there was supportive of her decision.

We'll be figuring out over the next few weeks when she will be baptized.