Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Well, I have often said, tongue in cheek, that one of the drawbacks to home schooling was that the girls do not know as many swear words as other kids their age.

It looks like it extends even to harmless euphemisms for body parts.

The girls dressed up their Barbies with some old Barbie clothes I had. I informed DD10 that what she had as a hip-belt / low cumberbund thing should be worn "around her boobs" (my words)

"Her what?" (her words)

"Higher," I said. She looked at my in confusion. Then after a few seconds she said "Oh, you mean like a bra?"

Now, I don't have a problem with the word "boobs" personally. It just feels nice to know that she hasn't had any body-part discussions with other children.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Little Bit of Weird

Yesterday I saw a StitchBow of cross stitch floss on the floor. (Not the weird part. I am not the best housekeeper. ) DD10 had been going through my stash to find something to stitch while we are at my in-laws' house. (We leave in a couple of hours. That is the plan, anyway. I am not the most prompt person around.)

It started me because my first thought was "Eww! Is that a giant praying mantis?!" (Is it prAying or prEying? With those bent arms and the insect's dietary needs, it could go either way.)

Anyhow, I of course knew it was NOT a 6 inch preying mantis (I decided to alternate spelling. Then I'd only be wrong half the time.) I stared at it for about 3 seconds and then realized, Oh, it's a stitchbow.

OK, so, like I said, we are leaving today for my in-laws'. Love 'em. Love going up there. I need to take something to do or I'll go crazy. I started last night (WAY too late. I am a bad procrastinator.) going through my patterns and stash. I decided to go with Celtic Cross by Theresa Wentzler. It is lovely. It is compact. And I have stitched it twice before and I KNOW I have the proper colors. I managed to round up every color I needed, minus gold braid (It is a finishing detail that goes on last. I am good without it for now.) Except one. That one color is DMC 869. It is a dark brown that is used (instead of the normal black) to backstitch around details when the piece is done. I figured I am good to go for a while without that one too.

So, I was just in the dining room getting a drink (store brand Pepsi knock-off) and I glance over to the window and see the "praying mantis." (Of course, it was still there. I am not the best house keeper.)

Hmmm, that is dark brown. Could that be...? NO! There is no way it is...! But you know what? It was. Preying Mantis=DMC 869