Thursday, July 10, 2008

Little Bit of Weird

Yesterday I saw a StitchBow of cross stitch floss on the floor. (Not the weird part. I am not the best housekeeper. ) DD10 had been going through my stash to find something to stitch while we are at my in-laws' house. (We leave in a couple of hours. That is the plan, anyway. I am not the most prompt person around.)

It started me because my first thought was "Eww! Is that a giant praying mantis?!" (Is it prAying or prEying? With those bent arms and the insect's dietary needs, it could go either way.)

Anyhow, I of course knew it was NOT a 6 inch preying mantis (I decided to alternate spelling. Then I'd only be wrong half the time.) I stared at it for about 3 seconds and then realized, Oh, it's a stitchbow.

OK, so, like I said, we are leaving today for my in-laws'. Love 'em. Love going up there. I need to take something to do or I'll go crazy. I started last night (WAY too late. I am a bad procrastinator.) going through my patterns and stash. I decided to go with Celtic Cross by Theresa Wentzler. It is lovely. It is compact. And I have stitched it twice before and I KNOW I have the proper colors. I managed to round up every color I needed, minus gold braid (It is a finishing detail that goes on last. I am good without it for now.) Except one. That one color is DMC 869. It is a dark brown that is used (instead of the normal black) to backstitch around details when the piece is done. I figured I am good to go for a while without that one too.

So, I was just in the dining room getting a drink (store brand Pepsi knock-off) and I glance over to the window and see the "praying mantis." (Of course, it was still there. I am not the best house keeper.)

Hmmm, that is dark brown. Could that be...? NO! There is no way it is...! But you know what? It was. Preying Mantis=DMC 869


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