Friday, July 10, 2015

Day 5

   Things didn't go as well this morning.  I could only get through 3 jogs before I really needed to not do more.  So, I walked until I had a half mile done and then did a mile on the stationary bike.  I am not going to let this get me down.

   Later the girls and I are headed for the pool.  That should more than make up for calories not burned this morning!  LOL

Sadly, (and not sadly) this is NOT what the girls will look like this afternoon at the pool.  This was...2001 probably.  If so, dd17 was age 3 (foreground) and dd16 was age 2 (getting splashed in the background.)

Thursday, July 9, 2015

2015 (part B) Resolutions

   The healthy eating and exercise vary.  Starting over for the second half of this year.  Well, things didn't get so bad as to say I am "starting over," but close.  There were a couple of months of illness and family emergencies, etc, that got in the way.  But right now the future looks clear, and I want to live it moving, not sitting in one place.

   I have walked every day this week.  Roughly half a mile Monday and Tuesday.  That is the distance around the block our house is on.  Yesterday I went to the gym to begin an interval training plan.  Week 1 starts with (warm-up walk 5 mins then)  (Jog for 30 seconds, walk for 90 seconds) 7 times.
After the 4th jog I considered stopping.  My breathing was off, and I just felt blah.  I did the 5th anyway.   I decided to not decide to quit until I KNEW I could not keep going.  When the time came for the 6th I could NOT handle jogging.  But,  I decided to keep walking rather than stop altogether.  I was able to jog again when the 7th would have started.  So, I walked 3:30 between 5 and 6.  That helped a lot.  I intended to do the same thing for the 7th, but ended up getting confused and jogged after only walking 3 mins.  No big deal.

Went home, relaxed, had some lunch, went back to the gym to walk in the pool for a few hours.

I LOVE walking in the pool.  First, there is the general fun that being at a poll always is.  Second, the water takes so much of the pressure off my knees that it is unreal.  6 years ago I needed a cane to walk across my living room, my arthritis was so bad.  But I could walk with no trouble in the pool.  That's how I got this exercise thing started (though it took a while to really get rolling.)

We stayed at the pool for 3 hours and I walked back and forth in the 25 meter lap pool for 3.5 kilometers.  I felt fine (physically) afterwards.  I felt AMAZING emotionally.  After the pool I had to drive 40 minutes to pick JD up from work and then 40 minutes back.  That had my muscles aching.  It didn't really get much better before bedtime and I had trouble getting comfortable enough to sleep.

This morning after I dropped him off I went to the gym.  My plan was to get a few miles on the elliptical bike, since that is low impact on my knees.  But they were both in use.  I hopped on  a treadmill for a slow walk workout (No jogging allowed, or even walking too fast!)  I figured I'd do a mile and then go.  I got to .8 miles when a bike became available.  I considered finishing my mile, but I was worried about losing the bike.  I went to the bike, got 2 miles in, then, before I left, hopped back on the treadmill and picked up the .2 miles I was short of my goal.

All in all I feel good today, the walking/biking helped with the left-over soreness from yesterday.  My only complaint is that I am tired, since I had trouble sleeping.  I will probably take a nap after lunch.

I may even get back in the pool after that.
His and Mine - I know which ones will wear out first.