Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The House might SELL

Well, I got home from the Poetry Reading (see below) at about 4pm. There was a message on the machine form the realtor basically saying, "It is 12:30. I am coming by to show the house at 1."

At least by the time I found out there was no reason for me to panic, I had already missed it, lol.

I called her to find out if everything had gone ok and to find out if showing a house twice in a week was a good sign that it would sell quickly.

She said:
1. She has shown the house 3 times.
2. The house has been fine, I should not panic about how it looks, especially since...
3. The people who saw it today told her they were going to go to the bank to find out if they could get the money.

She said they realize we have rights and we aren't going to be kicked out too soon. Still, it is a good thing we already started preparing and planning. This could have hit hard if I had just buried my head in the sand and thought that since the market is so bad that the house would just not sell.

Good thing I made the bed this morning!

Poetry Reading II

The Poetry Reading went very well. The girls were great. They had a lot of fun. Everyone who was there went to the park after and all the kids had a blast. It was nice for me to get a chance to talk to my friends (I do like the other parents in our group.)

Poetry Reading

Our homeschool group (PEAK - OHN) is having a Poetry Reading this afternoon at the Library Auditorium. I would rather stay here and clean clothes. I am feeling hermitish and I have A LOT of laundry to do. BUT, I will suck it up and go, especially since I planned it.

House-showing yesterday

If you are wondering why I haven't posted in a while. (I don't think anyone was. No one reads this blog but me.) I had a call from the realtor Monday afternoon to let me know that someone wanted to see the house Tuesday morning at 10. So, I have been cleaning like a mad woman and trying to at least only moderate slobs live here instead of rip-roaring MEGA SLOBS. I think I managed that.

We stuffed all of the dirty laundry into garbage bags and put them in the SUV, lol. Mostly it was the girls' clothes. Today and tomorrow as I am washing them all I am going to make sure that about half (maybe more) go to charity, or friends, or family, or ANYONE who wants them that is not one of my daughters.

DD9 suggested that to make it easier next time someone wants to see the house we should try to keep is as clean as possible in between showings. Brilliant! Why didn't I think of that?


In an attempt to staunch the flow of caffeine and sugar into my body I have decided to drink more coffee.

"But, Palai, coffee has caffeine in it (the good coffee does anyway)" you say," and the way you make it it has boatloads of sugar too! How can drinking MORE coffee help lower your sugar and coffee intake?"

Oh, Silly blog reading Person, when I drink soda it is generally at slightly less than room temperature and I can down a two litre a day, maybe more, 24 oz at a time. But with coffee I take slower sips, have to let it cool, AND only drink about 4 cups (in 2 2-cup servings) a day.

And meals? I am toying with seeing if I drink less when I drink tea, or I may go to water. I could stand to be better hydrated.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Take a Deep Breath

I just watched a lady I have never seen before pound a For Sale sign into my front yard.

Well, actually, it isn't MY front yard. The front yard actually belongs to my landlady. AND apparently, she has decided to get out of the landlady business.

We are paid up until May, so I am trying not to panic. The housing market sucks right now, so I am trying not to panic. We recently paid off DH's old debts so we MIGHT be able to get a mortgage, so I am trying not to panic.

I am trying not to panic.

I am going to start seriously pitching stuff we don't need around here. But I will hold off on taking the furniture apart. For now.

Things could be worse. I won't panic.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Taking a Break

I hate salt. In my nose, in my clothes, wherever! I don't even like to swim when I am at the beach. I forgot how much of a hassle the sea salt powder mixing is. no wonder I "often" forgot to do water changes. Blech!

I may end up regretting my decision to try to continue with a smaller salt water set-up. But, until that day, on we go!

But for now I am taking a break. I have 3 of the pieces of live rock in the 30g and it is about 1/3 full of salt water. I MAY have been careful enough to save a couple of anemonae, but I won't hold my breath.

The next step is to get some of the live sand moved without losing all of its live-sand-goodness.

Oh, and never let it be said that I cannot repeat a stupid mistake. When I first bought the live rock I rinsed it with untreated (chloriny) water instead of treated water. And just now, a year or two later, I start moving the live rock and adding untreated salt water. I mixed in the salt and measured the salinity but didn't treat for chlorine and ammonia. I am just THAT MUCH of a dim bulb.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

1000 Cranes

So far on my goal to fold 1000 paper cranes I have over 300.

I had to take a bit of a hiatus over the past few months, classes, finals, holidays, etc.

The girls and I were in Square Books Jr the other day and I saw they had lots of the Melissa and Doug origami paper that I had used for our PEAK origami class. It is really good, inexpensive paper, so I bought a few boxes (may have been excessive, but I will use it, so it isn't a waste)

Of course, after buying more paper, I found some of the higher quality Japanese paper I had bought at Hobby Lobby months ago. I have been folding a lot over the last few days. Fun, but I don't expect it to keep up. I do have housework to do tomorrow.