Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The House might SELL

Well, I got home from the Poetry Reading (see below) at about 4pm. There was a message on the machine form the realtor basically saying, "It is 12:30. I am coming by to show the house at 1."

At least by the time I found out there was no reason for me to panic, I had already missed it, lol.

I called her to find out if everything had gone ok and to find out if showing a house twice in a week was a good sign that it would sell quickly.

She said:
1. She has shown the house 3 times.
2. The house has been fine, I should not panic about how it looks, especially since...
3. The people who saw it today told her they were going to go to the bank to find out if they could get the money.

She said they realize we have rights and we aren't going to be kicked out too soon. Still, it is a good thing we already started preparing and planning. This could have hit hard if I had just buried my head in the sand and thought that since the market is so bad that the house would just not sell.

Good thing I made the bed this morning!

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