Tuesday, April 22, 2008

House Ahoy!

Well, we have not closed yet, but we have been notified that that is pretty much a formality (my paraphrasing) so WOOT! WOOHOO!

We are kicking the moving into high gear starting tomorrow and renting a truck probably next Saturday to get the deal done. Yay!

I am not all that pleased to lose my anniversary to a move, but DH says we can have a make up anniversary later. You better believe I will hold him to it.

What an anniversary present! A house! Yay!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Turning the Other Cheek

For the last couple of days I have been musing on what I believe (and do not believe) in my spiritual life. I am a Christian. That much is certain. I was raised as a Southern Baptist, but I find some of the teachings (or lack thereof) there to be not my own belief. Much of it is what I believe is trivial, piddly stuff. (not that trivial piddly stuff hasn't created schisms among denominations in the past) There are things I believe that are much more in line with other Christian denominations and even Judaism. I try to use the Bible as the final authority on what to believe and what not to believe.

I am having one bit of trouble just now. If you have an opinion, please share it intelligently and without vitriol. Be prepared to back it up with scripture references, or well, you are just spouting off then, aren't you...

Anyway, here goes...

How does one justify Jesus' teaching of "turn the other cheek" with the (one's own, that it, MY own) belief that there are some things which must be fought for?

Now, there was the rage at the temple...Is "fighting back" to be reserved for blasphemy?
What about self defense? Self defense seems contrary to turning the other cheek. Does that mean we have to take abuse?
What about defending the week and abused others? Must we stand by and watch others being hurt, telling them to "turn the other cheek"?

The Old Testament is pretty full of people standing up for God and for themselves (and not), but as a Christian, how do I fit the teachings of Christ on the matter into my own beliefs. Are there other teachings of Christ that have bearing? I am not a scripture scholar (maybe I should have been. It would serve me better than having to read Homer repeatedly as a Classics major.) What does Paul have to say?

I will do some of my own research, but part of that is to consult trusted sources. You might as well be one of those until you prove otherwise.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Where's the fun in that?

So, I am starting a game for DH and setting it in Baldur's Gate (maybe) and I want a map. Can't find one online, but DB has the old video game. maybe there is a map in there. We load Baldur's Gate onto the computer and instead of looking for a map, of course, I start to play. I generally don't do computerized role playing games, but it starts out interesting and I learn the ropes in the free area, introduction, nothing can kill you here place. Fun. Then I move out of that and promptly get killed. Or as DH said...

"Aha! Into the great Wild! Ack! A wolf!" *gurgle* *scream* *twitch*

The next day went a little better. I did make it to the next town. Two or three times even, since I kept dying in said town. All together, I am a little reconfirmed in my belief that computer RPGs are not for me. I told DH that the game was pretty pointless and things just keep coming out to kill me. He said maybe I should try Spyro or Super Monkeyball. Haha, very funny. Maybe I will just limit his DVD collection to Rated G.

Anyhoo, I will probably be sticking to puzzle games.

Yada yada

Sorry the blog has be so quiet lately. We have been moving stuff over to the new house DESPITE not having closed yet. (I know, I know...) The seller said that if we were certain we would be getting the mortgage, he was ok with us moving some stuff over. DH says he is certain we will be approved, so we schlep boxes across town. Nothing huge, nothing that can't be moved out again if the worst should happen, nothing nailed to the walls...I think we're good. It will definitely help having gotten a head start once the approval does come in and we only have a couple of weeks to get out by the end of the month.