Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Where's the fun in that?

So, I am starting a game for DH and setting it in Baldur's Gate (maybe) and I want a map. Can't find one online, but DB has the old video game. maybe there is a map in there. We load Baldur's Gate onto the computer and instead of looking for a map, of course, I start to play. I generally don't do computerized role playing games, but it starts out interesting and I learn the ropes in the free area, introduction, nothing can kill you here place. Fun. Then I move out of that and promptly get killed. Or as DH said...

"Aha! Into the great Wild! Ack! A wolf!" *gurgle* *scream* *twitch*

The next day went a little better. I did make it to the next town. Two or three times even, since I kept dying in said town. All together, I am a little reconfirmed in my belief that computer RPGs are not for me. I told DH that the game was pretty pointless and things just keep coming out to kill me. He said maybe I should try Spyro or Super Monkeyball. Haha, very funny. Maybe I will just limit his DVD collection to Rated G.

Anyhoo, I will probably be sticking to puzzle games.

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