Wednesday, January 30, 2008


In an attempt to staunch the flow of caffeine and sugar into my body I have decided to drink more coffee.

"But, Palai, coffee has caffeine in it (the good coffee does anyway)" you say," and the way you make it it has boatloads of sugar too! How can drinking MORE coffee help lower your sugar and coffee intake?"

Oh, Silly blog reading Person, when I drink soda it is generally at slightly less than room temperature and I can down a two litre a day, maybe more, 24 oz at a time. But with coffee I take slower sips, have to let it cool, AND only drink about 4 cups (in 2 2-cup servings) a day.

And meals? I am toying with seeing if I drink less when I drink tea, or I may go to water. I could stand to be better hydrated.

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