Wednesday, May 27, 2009

What should I write about today?

I am sorry I have not been by here much. Life goes on outside the blogosphere and requires my attention more urgently.

School is going well. Division, Division, Algebra for Math. Europe for Geography. Eyeballs for Science starting next week. Do you know the difference between a rod and a cone?

DH said he saw a trailer for the new V series that looked like a serious dig at PrezO. Maybe the series is and maybe it isn't, but the trailer certainly was. I haven't seen it yet, personally, what with life going on and all that.

DD8 was baptised Sunday without a hitch. Her maternal grandparents were in attendance as well as her maternal paternal great-grandmother. (My parents came and my dad's mother.) I have pics but won't be posting any just now.

We are planning our summer vacation. We'll be going to Kentucky to visit my in-laws. We may go by Mammoth Caves. The girls enjoyed it the last time we went. I don't really know how I feel about the idea.

What is for dinner tonight? I have no clue. It is already 4pm, better decide, eh?

Bleeding Heart Barbie has a very important announcement.
She is just overcame with sadness and all sorts of bad feelings over the plight of Hostage Bunny. Until that poor bunny is released she will be on a hunger strike.