Monday, June 1, 2009

Today was really great!

We didn't do anything special, but ended our brief hiatus from schooling to hit things back in full stride. No one seems to have forgotten what she had been learning earlier, and everyone seemed to grasp today's new concepts easily. And I didn't feel overrun, probably because I spent about an hour going over workbooks and files last night to prepare. Who would've thought?

So, in the interest of continuing what works, I believe I will spend a brief time this evening preparing for tomorrow. Maybe tomorrow will go smoothly as well.

Since I cannot spend so much time going up and down stairs anymore, I am planning to move my personal office into our sunroom and much of the resources we need here to the dining room. I was really stoked when we moved in to have the garage all to myself for a classroom, but now it is hard for me to get to and is sitting neglected. The dining room will be easier. And if things don't turn out that way...I can always switch back. I am flexible that way.

Math progreses, as math is wont to do. Reading leaps forward in unpredictable bounds, but I can take it. Science notes get lost, and then found, and then expanded upon. And we still haven't done Social Studies today, but what the heck, it'll keep for later.

Now, everybody make a sad face...

OK, now...back to normal!

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