Sunday, June 7, 2009

Camp Rainbow

This week we are having our Camp Rainbow summer festivities here at Our House. It
may sound corny, but it works if done well. The house work will be game-ified. There will be prizes for who can do whatever fastest or best. We will have weed-pulling races in the yard, as well as washing the car and cleaning the patio. I'll have prizes and awards, and music, and whatever else I can think of to make cleaning our house the most fun we have ever had. Sock mopping is always a favorite with camp Rainbow campers.

I have craft supplies that need to be put into storage. I think we'll chuck them into a box from across the room and award points for making it in. In the afternoon, after "camp" activities are done, we'll go to the park or for nature walks, or to the zoo or something else cool and fun.

I have plenty of yard work that needs to be done that can be made fun. There are more than enough weeds, as well as ivy that needs to be trimmed, and sweetgum saplings from seed balls that fell from our front yard tree and were lucky enough to hit dirt rather than parking lot (We have a parking lot.) Since I am not fond of sweetgum seed balls, I do not believe that we need to allow 5 more sweetgum trees to grow. I like sweetgum trees just fine, but I hate the ugly, prickly seed balls. (Could be worse, though. Could be bodach trees.) The yard work will be fun, I think. One way or another.

Also, since kids at summer camp do not have to do school lessons, we will also be taking the week off. That certainly gets some smiles around here. I just hope they do not forget everything we have learned.

Upon learning that I intended to cut down sweetgum saplings, Bleeding heart Barbie has tied herself to one of them in a vain attempt to save my yard from deforestation.

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