Saturday, May 23, 2009

Photo Assistant

My DD10 and I both agree that she had a "stupid job" to do during the latter part of our photo shoot. When I needed to take lower-seated shots of DD8 I had to take the backdrop (see one navy bedsheet) down off the closet door because it didn't reach to the floor and I didn't want to see the stoll or floor in the shot.

She said she expected her legs to get tired, but found that instead her arms got tired. (I could have told her that was what was going t ohappen.) I tried t obe quick so she didn't have to stand there long. In the picture she really looks gloomy. In actuality she was quite helpful and chipper, enjoying most of what we did. I just happened to snap the wider shot (than we had been taking of DD8) when she had a droopy expression. She laughs when we look at this picture.

Her hair is in its normal, woefully unbrushed, condition.

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