Saturday, June 30, 2007

Dad's OK

I got a call from my mom yesterday evening saying Dad had been in a wreck and she was at the hospital but didn't know how bad it was. DH watched the girls while my DB28 and I drove for an hour to get to the ER where they were. They were just finishing up stitching his arm when we got there. He is fine except for some scrapes and bruises and, like I said, a few stitches in his arm.

If he hadn't been wearing his seat belt he'd be dead. If anyone had been riding with him, seat belt or no they would be dead. His pick-up flipped over and flew for a short distance, then landed upside down. The passenger side is scrunched in. The aluminum camper top on the back was folded like a tin can. The driver's side is the only part not turned into roadside origami.

That seat belt habit is a nice one to have. I am glad he has insisted on us all wearing belts all our lives.

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