Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Palai Eboulethen

That is Ancient Greek for I made a Wish Long Ago.

My name is Kimberly. I am a 34 year old, very happily married, full time college student, homeschooling mother of 3 lovely girls. I enjoy crochet, knitting, cross stitch, quilting, sewing, reading, writing, movies (some), TV (some), origami, keeping aquariums, and learning foreign languages.

People ask me how I manage to get everything done. Well, honestly, I don't always. But when I must then it is a matter of prioritizing.

I have the tendency to procrastinate. That's when things get nasty.

I have Adult ADD. My mind bops from topic to topic without asking my permission. I have the tendency to have many projects going at once and tend to leave off without finishing.

I loved to role play when I was in college (the first time). It helped hone my taste for the fantastic and magical. I don't get much chance to play these days except when my wonderful hubby dusts off his GM cap just for me.

I enjoy some computer games, but not of the role playing variety. I love puzzle games like Bejewelled, Bookworm, Alchemy, and Big Money.

I am a senior Classics (Ancient Greek and Latin) major at the University of Mississippi (Ole Miss) I went to the University of alabama at huntsville when I got out of high school, but thigns didn't go well. I am much happier now and doing much better after my 10 years hiatus from college life.

That's all for now, Talk to You Later,


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Krista said...

I know this is an old post, but you should think about linking it. It was cool to find out a bit of who you are. Thanks for linking/reading my drivel!