Monday, June 25, 2007

Camp Rainbow

Today is the first day of Camp Rainbow. (see and the section on Camp Gonnawannafly) We are focusing on the dining room. Weirdly, I chose it for first because it needs the most work. It is looking much better. The girls have helped out. DD6 won Junk Pile Bingo. Laura scored an Empty Dishwasher race time of 2:01.

Oops, I just promised extra camp points if they work together and load the dishes without fighting. I had better come up with what Camp Points are. WHatever they are I'll give Sadira some for winning Bingo and Laura some for running the Empty Race (the winner will get more later)

I am taking a much needed break right now. When I get back to it I am going to hit the teaching/sewing table area. When the floor is clear we are gong to Sock Mop. The girls are really looking forward to this.

I'll also post an After pic of the dining room. Sorry, but I forgot to take a Before pic. It was really something!

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