Tuesday, June 12, 2007

In Progress List

Of my 101 things I have these in progress:

Grow Herb Garden- The drought has killed my fennel. It is doing a number on the creeping thyme as well (and it was doing so well!). The rosemary seems very hardy, hard to kill even. The mints are growing like weeds, which mints are except that they are wanted. The Greek oregano is taking over its pot again. Time to harvest.
The old harvest has dried nicely and soon will be a good time to put it into jars.

Design and keep green tank- I feel a little guilty putting this one as "in progress." My current planted tank is horribly overgrown, mostly with algae. Still...

Finish Baby Quilt for Jen- light blue fabric with a stars and moon theme bought. I haven't chosen a pattern yet though.

Finish Smokey Mountain Christmas- I was doing so well up until this March. I am about half done, maybe a little less.

Finish Castle Sampler Tapestry- I really can't afford to give this one any attention until Smokey Mountain is done. It is "in progress" though, so it is listed.

Finish Quilt for Naya- The top is pieced. It has a mistake in the pattern, but the whole thing is so busy it is not very glaring. I am going to leave it as is. I need to chose a backing fabric and quilt it all. Deadline, Nov 3, 2007.

Finish Quilt for Sadira- The top is pieced. it has a mistake that messes up the whole pinwheel scheme. I need to rip one section off and reposition. Then I need to get a backing fabric (might already have something) and quilt it all. Deadline, Aug 17, 2007

Complete Floss Stash- I would really love to have every DMC color. I have a few hundred. It has been a while since I counted.

Finish Painting of Mom's Wedding- This would make a nice anniversary gift. It I cannot make that deadline then it can be for Christmas or her birthday in January. The painting is about half done, maybe more.

Write out one of my stories- I have some scribblings saved to computer but nothing anywhere near done. This is low priority.

Don't start any new Collections- Doing OK on this one. I hope it keeps up.

Graduate from Ole Miss- Junior year finished with 4.0. I am taking one online class over the summer. 15 hours in the Fall, ALL Classics.

Save for a House- This one is hard. I like to spend money on frivolities. I need to try to back that off. Maybe I could put restaurant money into the Savings instead of eating out.

Keep Blog up to date- We'll see how this one keeps up. I need to write myself a reminder.


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