Thursday, January 15, 2009

A Piece of History

We visited a local man this afternoon who has a blacksmith shop. We got to see how he does what he does, as well as learn about the tools and craft involved. We all (me DEFINITELY included) learned a lot and had a very good time.

We got to watch him turn a 1/2 inch square rod of steel about a yard long into a fireplace poker. It was great.

You know how people often collect items related to their hobbies? Like knitting needles, fishing lures, or model train cars? Mr. Waller has an anvil collection. I suppose 5 counts as a collection. That is 5 more than I have. He knew a lot about the history of each anvil, as well as of anvils in general. Did you know that sea captains crossing the Atlantic would buy anvils to use as ballast for their ships? The ships and cargo didn't actually belong to them. They were only getting paid for the work, not the mercantilism. Instead of carting rocks across the ocean to add weight to the ship they would buy anvils that they could then sell in the US and make money for themselves. Isn't that interesting?

Well, I had the car this afternoon and DH just IMed me that he is ready for his ride home. Gotta go.

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