Thursday, January 1, 2009

North but No Snow

The girls were hoping we might get some snow while we visit their grandparents in Kentucky. A few weeks ago we would have, but not now. Tuesday on our way up it was 50-60 degrees F. There was a wind atorm and yesterday was colder, but no where near cold enough. There's just no telling with this latitude. Farther south and you are pretty much sure, no snow. Farther north and you are guaranteed to get it.

Oh well. It cut down on the complaining. The girls have had the sniffles this past week and there is no way I would let them play in the snow. I have already had to nix some play-outside plans and explain about things like pneumonia. If there were snow on the ground I know the hard feelings would be worse.

And speaking of the sniffles...I was fine Tuesday. I was the only one who hadn't gotten sick while we were in Mississippi. Yesterday I woke up with a sore throat and by last night could barely speak. My voice is still off, but better a little and the sniffs are upon me. I hate being sick. At least I know the girls got better after just a couple of days. I don't feel too bad.

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