Friday, January 23, 2009

Dropped a few days

Well, it looks like deciding to spend some time away from the computer can have an effect on how often one blogs. Whoda thunk?

Sorry about the hiatus.

I know I promised to discuss Sarah and Hagar. I have changed my mind.

Heh, that kind of sums up what I was going to cover about them anyway...changing your mind. Though in their case it was going to be more "be careful what you decide" and "seriously think through the consequences" with a healthy dose of "was this the first ancient soap opera, or what?" (I doubt it. I am sure there were earlier versions.) They behave in what can only be called "typical soap opera female ways." Abraham never should have fallen for that, "take my maid for your concubine" bit. I just don't see that working out well.

Jacob had similar troubles with Rachel and Leah. But they seemed to focus more on outdoing each other than worrying about the concubines. Sibling rivalry. The poor fool. The maids are not mentioned as making any fuss, even Bilhah, Rachel's maid, before Rachel had her own son. I think the difference may be in their pasts. Zilpah and Bilhah are the bride's maids from before Jacob came along. They have presumably been slaves all their lives. Hagar was Egyptian. There is even the thought that she may have been a daughter of pharoah. Growing up a princess might give one the snarky attitude she developed.

To just skip around now though thoughts I have had while reading my bible, but haven't blogged yet, we move on from female rivalry to male rivalry.

I am not diving into Jacob and Esau too deep. It is a well known story. But, notice that it is Jacob, the younger brother who stole (arguably) his older brother's birthright and blessing, who reverses the blessing of Joseph's sons, blessing the younger to rule over the older. I guess there may be some family baggage that never goes away.

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Belinda said...

I think both Sarah and Hagar behaved badly, myself.

As for Abraham, well, he shoulda known better, but then he probably wasn't thinking with the head on his shoulders anyway...