Sunday, January 18, 2009

Date Night Fun

There is nothing particularly blogworthy about our date night. We drove an hour to Tupelo to eat and see a movie. The theatre in Oxford is no longer showing Twilight, which I had decided I wanted to see.

We had a lovely dinner at Red Lobster and afterward I decided that, no longer being a 19 year old goth, I didn't feel like seeing Twilight. And the was really nothing else showing that I wanted to see. We were having a great time talking and didn't feel like we made the wrong choice.

I did have some indigestion later, which I blame on the shrimp. It have been thinking over it and realized that fried foods like "Walt's favorite Shrimp" are really no longer a big part of my diet. About as "fried" as food gets around here is the recipe saying "brown the meat." That and the ocassional hamburger are no comparison to a dozen deep fried, batter dipped shrimp.

Maybe I should go back to eating a kosher-based diet. Then again, it was the frying, not the shrimp that gave me the stomach ache.

We'll see.

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