Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!!!

2008 was a rough year for my family. There were some nice highs but also some terrible lows. I am usually ambivalent about New Years, a party, fun seeing how many checks I fill out wrong, etc. I am not usually of the "Thank Goodness THAT year is done" feeling. This year does have some of that. We'll pray that 2009 is better.

Happy New Year to all of You!!!

Oh, a little tidbit, do you know why 2009 US pennies are worth more than 2008 pennies?


RebelAngel said...

Because there is one more, of course


Zirbert said...

You got me with the pennies thing. I was all set to guess that it was something about their metal composition being changed or something equally arcane.

I'm glad to see that you called the daily blogging an "idea", not a "resolution". :-)