Saturday, January 24, 2009

Long Road Ahead

OK, my blog 365 idea has to take a break. My computer is haunted. Until my DH can get his exorcism done (I believe it involves holy water, candles, reformatting the hard drive, and incense) I will be getting some more knitting done.

In the interest of making myself feel less like a dropper-of-the-ball I will keep track of how many days I miss so as to make them up with double entry days later.

And I will now add a random picture, just to show my love for you all.
Here is a picture of my in-laws' yard one year we were there and DID get snow. It is NOT New Years 09.


PlayVentura said...

I've been checking in with your blog and reading (lurking) and keep trying to make comments, if for no other reason that to let you know I was there but I keep getting into glitches. So, I remain commentless. I enjoy your blog though. Its a little window into You. Keep it up and hope the puter gets healthy again. Sonya

RebelAngel said...

I will be back up soon. DH has the puter mostly fixed. I may start using the laptop even though I hate Vista.