Monday, January 5, 2009

Dreary Monday

I look at the calendar and see that my DB has marked Jan 20 as the beginning of the Spring semester at Ole Miss. He still has 3 weeks of winter break. I imagine there are many public school kids who would LOVE to get 3 weeks AT ALL, let alone 3 weeks after the new year starts. Especially as today is the day most of them are back in the trenches.

That reminds me...maybe I should give the munchkins a lesson. Does MacGuyver on DVD count as "educational television?" A brief math review should do for this afternoon. "Write your times tables, let's see how much you rememeber."

Not as applicable to my pre-algebra math drag-ee (i.e. someone who is being dragged)
I think I'll have her do some laundry.

It is raining and gray outside. I imagine if it were colder it would be snow, but it rarely is here.

Cold update- mostly well, still some lingering inconveniences

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