Monday, March 9, 2009

There is a story in my head. (make up for Jan 27)


I had a delicious dream last night. It had plot, intrigue, beauty, and mystery. Ireally want to write it out as a novel. But I woke up only about one quarter of the way through! I don't even know how things are going to turn out.

I need to think on it a bit. And clear up some of the "dream logic" that doesn't make sense.

DH says to flesh out the characters and their actions and (more importantly) their motivations and the story will come on its own. It's a wonder he isn't a writer. He has the talent for storytelling.

My main problem is I have a gaggle of supporting characters and an antagonist, but no main protagonist. I can't very well write a novel set in a mysterious intrigue filled kingdom and hav the main character be a mother of 3 from Mississippi (unless that is the whole premise, which in this case, it is not.)

I need to jot down some notes and ideas. And I need plot twists. The story as I dreamed it was too straight forward.

Here is a chalk drawing one of my daughters did on the driveway of my in-laws' home in KY. I do not remember which daughter, just that this photo was taken in July of 2007. I guess date stamps are only useful up to a point.

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