Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Habits and Blogging

Habits are hard to break, that is what makes them habits rather than just occasional activities. But, once they are broken, they are broken.

When my computer first went down I was often itching to get over to the blog and jot down a thought or two, but stopped myself. Eventually the nice little blog-a-day habit I was growing faded away. So, now that I can again update the blog every day, I find it hard to remember and get over here to see to it.

I was all excited Monday to start making up for lost time and make-up missed days with bonus entries, and then yesterday I forgot to write anything. Grrr, I will add March 3 to the list of days to be made up.

For your photo enjoyment this morning, the girls at the park. This was either last year or the year before.

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