Sunday, March 8, 2009

Growing Season Plans (make-up for Jan 26)

We are going to be gardening this year. Yes, I have said that in the past and, no, I have never had a garden. Funny thing, buying seed packets is only the FIRST step (technically, I don't think it should actually be Step 1...maybe step 3 or 4.) not the only step.

I found a way that I think I can do this. Square Foot Gardening looks like I could actually manage. I am not planning to do it exactly like he says. I am adapting it along the "classroom" ideas he gives and scaling it down. (DH, no doubt wary of my attention span for such things, says to start small.) I am planning to build 2'x 2' boxes, with bottoms (unlike the gardens the site generally showcases) so that I can not only move them but also have them up on a table. This will let me bring them into the garage if we get a bad storm or drought. And, most importantly for me, this will be easier on my knees.

The knees have been giving me a lot of trouble over the last few months. I am starting to think a house full of stairs was a bad idea. However, I do love my house, so I am coping.

If I had to garden on the ground I would not do it at all. With all of it up on a table, within easy not-bending-over reach, this is at least possible.

We have lettuce, tomatoes, peppers on the list for veggies. I think I will do a larger patch of corn as well as watermelon and pumpkin vines in the ground, rather than on the table. I am also going to have an herb box with oregano, basil, rosemary, and ... hmmm ... I had only picked 3. A 2'x 2' box has four 1'x 1' spaces. I think I will see if I can grow marjoram. That keeps the box spice-based and gives spices I use on a regular basis. (I cannot bring myself to put a veggie in the spice box. That isn't the way I work.) I am also going to have spearmint. That stuff will grow just about anywhere. I have some old flower pots I might use, or just build another 2'x 2' box. I could put it in the ground, but spearmint looks very weed-like; at least it resembles a lot of the weeds our yard has. SO, I do not think in-the-ground is the right way to go.

I'll keep you updated on how things progress. IF things progress.

FOr your visual pleasure...Some of my Christmas presents from this past holiday (2008). It was the year of cups. I often see my gifts following a theme, even when the givers are not in cahoots, or even know each other. The flag covered was from the in-laws. The light blue with the word Faith was from my sister. The little demitasse with the brown stripe was from Mom. There are a couple of others I didn't get into the pic.

Now, I just need to send out psychic vibes that 2009 will be the Year of Gold Bullion and see if I can influence the theme with my mind.

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