Sunday, March 8, 2009

Saving the Daylight

I did not realize until last night at midnight that it was Time Change Time again. I knew "They" had decided to switch it to March starting last year, rather than the April everyone was used to. I did not realize it was so early in March.

I do not really mind. Spring generally comes early around here, relative to the rest of North America. Changing the time fits with our Mississippi climate. I cannot imagine what a mind-wonk it would be to change the time and still have a foot of snow (or more) on the ground.

Good thing I live here. I can't really handle too much more mind-wonking.

PS- For a real mind-wonking, try watching two episodes of Farscape at the same time. Start one, then five minutes in start another. Every 5-10 minutes switch back and forth. At first you won[t have too much trouble keeping straight what is going on, but by the time each is reaching the climax of the episode you are going to start really wishing you had only watched one, or perhaps none at all; depends on your taste for sci-fi. Later seasons provide for even better mind-wonking fun that the early stuff.

Here DH and DB try (and eventually succeed) at jumping DB's on-its-last-legs pick-up.

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