Thursday, April 23, 2009


I understand the concept behind designer fashion. It is about art.
Especially the weird stuff everyone laughs at pictures of from out-there
runways. Oscar gowns, wedding gowns, formal attire as well; art on the
human form.

Everyday "style" is a little harder to understand. I find it hard to believe
that designer jeans, let's say Tommy Hilfiger or FUBU, are art enough to
justify the difference in price from Levi's.
This one involves status more than anything; I think. Showing you are
well-off enough to afford designer clothes. The designer name doesn't
indicate that the jeans are better so much as they are a surrogate
price tag.
OK, I get that too.

What my mind refuses to wrap around is designer hand bags. Once price
differences due to materials are accounted for, why are some leather
bags worth $50 and others $1000? For that matter, why would anyone
pay $50 for a purse? I don't get it.

Another picture of dogwood blossoms for your enjoyment. The flowers grow on trees and are usaully between 2 and 3 inches from petal edge to petal edge. Most are white, but they also come in shades of pink.

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