Thursday, April 23, 2009

Not Looking for Gore, but where is it anyway?

I watched in the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale last
week. I never played Dungeon Siege, but I do like Sword and Sorcery
movies. It was good enough, for what it was. One doesn't expect oscar
-calibre work from a vehicle like this. (But then again, most Oscar-calibre
movies are not really my cup of tea.) It was better than Dungeons and
Dragons, certainly.

Claire Forlani was great. Jason Statham as well. Ray Liotta was too far
over the top. I guess evil wizards are outside his range.

One thing I did notice, when the evil wizard bad guy got his throat slashed
by the hero (sorry for the spoiler) there was no arterial spray, none at all.
People don't just get a thin red line across their throat if they have a fatal
slash. Don't these people watch CSI?

A hawk or falcon or something landed on a branch of our tree. I took some pictures.

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