Thursday, April 23, 2009

CSI: Miami

Having gotten bored with, or watched up to current episodes, the TV I was
into, I recently joined millions of others in becoming a forensics junkie.
CSI is pretty good.

I watched the original version, set in Las Vegas, all the way through.
Very cool. I miss Grissom though, and Warrick. Sarah, not so much.
She was too gritty for me.

Anyway, having run out of on-demand, not-yet-seen episodes of that CSI,
I switched to CSI: Miami. It took a few episodes to get used to a different
team, but now that I am 5 or 6 seasons in, I know them and am just as

It is interesting to note the differences in the series', but I will wait until I
have watched this one all the way through and have at least finished
season 1 of CSI: New York. (I have seen a few episodes of that, but
decided not to split my focus.)

I need to check to see if CSI: Miami has changed directors a few
seasons ago. I can handle gratuitous bikini butt shots of inconcequential
people on the beach. That is part and parcel of a show set in Miami. But
recently the show's camera work has gotten weird; odd camera angles,
vertical or horizontal scene flipping. Collage shots of the same scene
from 6 or 7 different angles. It is a horrid distraction and takes away from
the show rather than adding to it. It didn't start out this way. Only over
the last few seasons has this gone on. And it is getting worse.
The attempt to make a cop show into "art" is degrading to the genre. I
suppose the over-production is a reaction to the purposeful
underproduction that had been popular in the last decade.

More on that later.

The girls liken to take pictures with my camera (when I will let them. I always tell them to be extra careful with the camera, and they always say they will. One of them thought it would be a cool idea to take pictures while they were on the tire swing. That isn't really what I call being careful, but the electronics didn't hit the dirt, so I'll let it slide, this time. Here is one of the fruits of their efforts at swing-photography.

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