Thursday, April 23, 2009

Kickin' in Our PJs

All three of the girls are sitting around in their pajamas today. That is one
of the perks of home schooling, of course, but we are not just revelling in
our anti-social freedom from proper daytime attire. We are revelling in
not having a working washing machine.

My dad came to have a look at it, since he knows washing machines (20
years of repairing them, along with dry cleaning machines, dryers, and
industrial presses will do that.) He thought from my telelphone desription
that it would be a broken or fallen-off belt. If so it would have been an
easy fix. No such luck, though. Turns out it was the timer. A repairman
could fix it, but we have some money saved up and I have been wanting a
new set of machines. DH put a price cap on (to make sure I don't go too
far off the deep end) and I hit the internet. I found what we wanted and
we should have it in a few days.

DH was all for just getting a washer. That is all we need, right? The dryer
still works. I managed to talk him into getting me a new dryer too. It is not
too extravagent. I am more familiar with the condition of our current dryer
and, believe you me, it could have easily been the problem. The thing is
noisy, shaky, unreliable, and a mess. That happens when you buy
someone else's 20 year old machines. Dad says getting the matching set
now is a good idea. Odds are, since the old machines are the same age,
the dryer would be clunking out in a few months.

Now, after a week and a half without a washer, we are rationing our clean
clothes. If we need to stay home, pajamas are ok. Actual clean clothes
are being saved for when we need to go out.

The garbage bags full of dirty laundry are starting to pile up. I am actually
looking forward to getting the new machines and get rolling on the clean-
up. I actually enjoy doing laundry. New gadgets are going to make it
even cooler. I can't wait.

Judging by the background, I think this is another example of swing-photography. however, since things are not swirl-blurry, I think the artist was stationary, if slightly askew in taking this shot of her sister.

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