Thursday, April 23, 2009


Cop shows being my flavor of the month, becoming a receent David
Carusso fan, and having heard that someone I respect liked it, I decided
to check out NYPD Blue.

I am afraid I only made it through the first scene of the pilot.

I knew there was occasianal nudity and bad language. That I can deal
with. I actually prefer a bit of realism IF that is what the show is shooting
for. (If realism is not the aim, I do at least require continuity, but that is
not for this entry.)

I could not handle the shaking. I know, it was "edgy" and "gritty" and cool
when it came out and the show lasted for 12 years, there was definitely
something there. I am not knocking the plots or acting, just the camera
work, and since that was on purpose, I just didn't feel like continuing to

All the budget of a network cop show and they decide to make the show
look like it was shot with a camcorder? Not to my taste Oh well.

For you today I present a close-up of the ubiquitous Southern blossom, the Dogwood. It is not the state flower of Mississippi, but is of Virginia, and likely a few other states (I'll ahve to look that up.) They are everywhere in the southern US, and bloom usually during March and April.


Zirbert said...

NYPD Blue is my favourite show of all time, but if the handheld camera bothered you, then you wouldn't enjoy the rest of the series any more. It never got better.

The writing started good and got better as it went, though, and the show really hit its stride during the Jimmy Smits years, when it transitioned from The David Caruso Show to an ensemble show.

Not trying to defend or convince here, though. If it didn't work for you, well, that's why Baskin-Robbins has 31 flavours, right?


RebelAngel said...

When I run out of other good stuff to watch, I might give it another try.

There have been other shows that did not make my first cut that became favorites when I gave them a second look.

I do waant to make it clear that I am not knocking the acting or writing. I didn't watch enough to make a judgement there.

Maybe I'll watch some old home movies and, once I am thoroughly drenched in shaky camera work NYPD Blue will look "normal." LOL