Saturday, May 31, 2008

Back on Film

Well, digital, actually, but we are rolling once more with a new digital video/still photo camera.

The girls requested they get to be the first photo taken. I am happy to oblige, obviously.


HomeSchooler said...

They are so beautiful! And each with her doll. I love how they all look so natural - not as if they had to pose and they're dying to get the painful procedure of pictures over with.

RebelAngel said...

Well, there was a little bit of "Smile!" "No, don't make rabbit ears!", "Look at the camera, please, not the cat" and such. But I do like that way this came out.

HomeSchooler said...

Photographing kids is purely a thing of chance, though you can improve your chances in some ways. I learned early on that if I dressed Ella up, took her outside, and just let her run around while I snapped pictures, I'd usually end up with 4 or 5 phenominal shots. If I tried to "pose" her, well, let's just say it was an exercise in frustration on both our parts!

RebelAngel said...

Yeah, a couple of mine look like horror show monsters or psychopaths when they smile in poses, all teethy grimaces. I have to get them to relax, but they think they are making their best smile.

The easiest thing I have found is to make them laugh. Then, as I keep clicking things are generally more natural at some point in the whole thing.