Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Lawn is mowed

Our lawn no longer looks like there could be a car hiding in the grass.

I paid a friend's son to come and mow it. It all worked out nicely. I got to have some grown-up friends time while the girls got to play with their friends. There was chatting time here, time at the park, home school support group planning talk time, lemonade...

It was a good day. I wonder how soon I can legitimately wait before I pay him to mow again, a week, two? I can't wait.

Here is a picture from another good day. July 4 2007. DD9 is finishing off the last of her smore.


PlayVentura said...

HOW did I miss your blog???
I am so psyched to see our world converge again! LOL
Thanks for the lemonade BTW!
And DS14 will be back soon to clean up the job he did and finish where he did do today! Something must be off with the mower, I think there were ridges??? We just got it back from teh mechanic, ARGHHH!
Thanks for hiring him, you have no idea how much it is appreciated by us both!

HomeSchooler said...

I now know the joy of a mowed lawn too! Well, mostly. There's a whole section that I want to turn into lawn, but it's trying to fill itself in with a billion baby poplars. The thing with this time of year is that as you mow, you have to constantly swat mosquitos. ICK!

RebelAngel said...

You could let the poplars grow, then thin out and have a little forest.

I have some bushes where a baby oak and a baby maple are growing up through the hedge and I just cannot bring myself to cut them.

Unfortunately they are too close together for them both to make a run for it. I will have to pick one (if I want to keep even one) and cut out the other.

I am leaning toward the maple. I love maples.

RebelAngel said...

PV, I sent you a message concerning whether he had removed our storm-tossed, tree-caught branch. Again, if he did, thanks.

If it wasn't him it must have weirdly been that survey guy we saw traipsing around.

But somehow I bet it was my hired help.

HomeSchooler said...

We already have a huge forest behind our house! I'd just like to keep our lawn.