Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Now accepting your ideas...

I am in the mood to actually get moving on one of my One of a Kind Barbies. BUT, I have no doll hair for a re-root, nor do I have medium extender to properly thin the acrylic paint for a facial re-paint. So, I can use a face that still has factory paint and try to get creative about the hair.

Any ideas? Polyester pillow fluff, glued on or poked into the holes? Cross stitch thread? Yarn that is subsequently brushed to make it no longer look like yarn? Pine needles? Copper wire?

I am interested in seeing how copper wire turns out. I'll have to see if we have any spare wire around the house, the kind that has many small copper strands inside the insulation.

What else might I make hair on a Barbie out of? Even if it sounds weird. I am trying to think of things I have around the house, so I don't have to go shopping or wait for an internet order to arrive.

Here is a picture of one of the heads I might choose from.

Though there will be no paint.


HomeSchooler said...

What is your ultimate goals for the Barbies? To make them funny? To make them as realistic as possible? To experiment with varying "hair" textures?

I was thinking bristles from a scrub brush. Could give a funky-modern appearance for the doll, plus, when you need to scrub something in an awkward place, a scrub-brush head might come in handy!

RebelAngel said...


For some of them the idea will be to get as realistic as possible. But I do not have the materials for that on hand (though combed yarn MIGHT get close)

I was thinking artistic and interesting with this particular endeavor.

HomeSchooler said...

Then the scrub brush idea might work! :-) (Make sure you reference me when marketing them. I've got the copyright you know! And I'm expecting 15%!)