Saturday, June 14, 2008

How could I have forgotten?!

Well, it is a good thing my girls have good memories! *sigh* I almost forgot that June 16th is Ginny's (my DD7 American Girl doll) 8th birthday. What horror! But, since DD7 remembered, that tragedy is narrowly averted and I can spend the next 2 days planning a birthday party for a doll. What joy

All sarcasm aside, I think we'll have fun. I'll be sure to take pictures.

DD said Ginny wants a butterfly party. Of course this is mere days after I deleted images and such from 2 years ago when DD herself had a butterfly party. Well, we'll get decorations from somewhere. I think I can convince the girls to draw butterflies. ;)

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HomeSchooler said...

Uh-oh... good thing you remembered!

If I had actual, real parties every time my daughter informed it was so-and-so's birthday, I'd be swamped! But we do have a lot of "pretend" birthdays involving a "cake" made with sand, and singing "Happy Birthday" and/or "For S/He's a jolly good fellow" repeatedly.