Saturday, June 21, 2008


DD10 asked if she could get a Webkinz toy. I told her she could if she spent her own allowance money. She got a panda (of course) and...since I was on buying one anyway, and since they looked so cute, and so I could be assured that everything was safe and what-not, I bought one for myself.

Now I have two and I have spent WAY too much time at the website playing games and buying little virtual toys for the little virtual animals.


DH is about ready to cut off the internet access; I can tell. I need to try to ration my time better.


HomeSchooler said...

Internet is one of those wormy things that is not at all necessary (before you get it) but becomes quickly such an important (and all-consuming) part of life.

My weakness, though? Nope, not the internet (yes it tempts... especially since I'm usually doing some form of research that can quickly and easily absorb me, regardless of the medium), but books! My husband nearly faints when I go to the library returning one ton and coming back with two tons more! I LOVE books. I'm a complete addict. Reading is my passion.

My husband also loves books, but in a different way. His books have to be kept all pristine, unmarked other than his name on the inside cover, carefully preserved spines, and neatly organised.

My books (not the library ones) are often marked up, underlined, comments in the margins, pages warped from dampness (I love reading in a bubble bath!), and piled all over. I come by it honestly - my mum's a librarian.

At one point, we thought of rewriting our vows from "all my worldly good to thee I endow," to "all my scholarly tomes to thee I endow." (Other than our books, we really had nothing of value!)

I'm sure that sometimes, when I don't hear him, or wave him off because I'm riveted, he'd like to cut up my library card and chuck half my books!

Janis said...

I share homeschooler's addiction to books (she is my best friend so birds of a feather DO flock together!), but I also love the games on Webkinz... Cash Cow is my favourite - what's yours? (I'm a nanny to seven year old twin girls and a four year old boy, so that's how I got sucked in!)