Thursday, May 15, 2008

Boring Life

My life is really boring. I don't know why I bother to try to blog about it, other than as a freaky way of keeping a diary.

Today's questions...should I hang the bizaaro-looking exotic hanging table (from the Philippines) that my mother gave me near my desk, or at the top of the front stairs, or somewhere else entirely? (maybe over near the dining room entrance) I cannot decide.

My allergies are bothering me. Mostly eyes today, which is unusual. I am mostly a sneezey, stuffy allergic.

Can I legitimately call myself a home school mother if we haven't done SQUAT all week? The move laid me out, lesson-wise. I want to get back to it, but then I look around and my house is full of boxes. I tell myself, "We really need to focus on unpacking and THEN we can get back into school." But there are so many boxes that I feel overwhelmed and just sit and do nothing.

OK, so, that is stupid, no? Lets dissect that...too many boxes to unpack. Shall we just wallow in boxes then and NEVER MOVE IN? No. OK, so what to do...Let's unpack. BUT instead of worrying about THE WHOLE FEAKIN' HOUSE, I'll concentrate on one room. And withing that one room, I will start with one box.

Which room do I start in? Arrrgh!

OK, calm down. Let's not be paralyzed like rabbits in headlights.

Which room is EASIEST?


I think I will do take care of what I can in my bedroom.

There, see? All that to come to the decision that I need to go clean my room. WHat a boring blog!

I am off, to actually do what I need to, believe it or not.

(PS - I think the hanging table will go over near the dining room.)


Andrea said...

Send me your snail mail,Sista!


MDMOM said...

When we don't get any "school" done, I comfort myself with the knowledge that those were days that my kids were not being brain-washed into worker-bees by a school system designed to remove their individuality and kill their sense of personal place in this universe! Plus they are learning real-life organizational skills and teamwork!

Are you feeling better?