Thursday, October 23, 2008

Procrastination at all time high

Well, maybe that should be "all time low" since I have finally been getting to work.

When we moved in in April I decided to have the garage be our classroom. It is just the right size, has 3 desks built onto one wall, came with a big book shelf, was carpetted and had heating/AC. We moved the school stuff in, one of our tables, the biggest fish tank...and a lot of junk that had no where else to go. That was problem number 1. There was so much junk, put wherever, that I said could be put away later, that having anything like a lesson was impossible. School since then has been done at the dining table after a nice round of "go get this book" or "go to the garage and see if you can find a pencil." Some days there was no school at all, just because.

Yesterday I decided I had had enough. We needed to move all of the junk that did manage to make it into the house and had cluttered up my craft room and move it to the garage and move the school stuff to the craft room. That way it would be near where we spent our days anyway. DH suggested I just move the laptop to the garage and spend my computer time on it there instead of at my desk upstairs. Brilliant.

That saved us a heck of a lot of work. Although, the garage was in such a disarray that it has taken most of the afternoon to make it usable. Still, easier than moving all that stuff here and there.

My main trouble is that the laptop is Vista and it is taking some getting used to. I am sure I will manage.

Today's Picture from My Life- the park near my in-laws' house. In the morning, I believe.

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