Monday, October 13, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

To my north-of-the-border readership.

Care to elaborate on how Thanksgiving in Canada is different from that in the United States, tradition-wise?

You know, I just realized that if I don't count myself I think I have more Canadian readers than American. All two of you.

Since my daughter likes to pop in and read, we tie if I count myself.


Zirbert said...

Sorry, I'm one of the worst people in the world to ask (assuming I'm counted as one of your Canadian regulars). I have very little idea what traditions are followed anywhere by normal human beings with appropriate social interaction skills.

I can tell you that Thanksgiving here is generally marked only by a big dinner, usually turkey. No specific ceremonies or anything, and any religious overtones are downplayed or actively buried. Pumpkin pie is a common dessert for that day only.

As I recall, "Thanksgiving plays" in elementary schools here are pretty much the same as what I see on American TV: pilgrims, turkeys, muskets, plymouth rock, and the role of the Indians / Native Americans / whatever they're called by the cool PC kids these days getting downplayed or actively buried.

I don't have any real basis for comparison, either, never having celebrated Thanksgiving in the U.S. of A. I've only been south of the parallel a handful of times, and not at all in the last eight years. Although that'll be changing next month - we're taking the offspring to Florida. The missus and I were there back in our childless days and had a great time, so we're taking another run at it.

-Zirbert, Rambly Even On Your Blog.

RebelAngel said...

Sounds about like our late November shindigs. Aren't they called "First Nations" up there or something?

Florida? Wow! I hope you enjoy. If I lived anywhere near there I would say "Hey, pop by!" but well, we are only close relative to your current location. Oxford is closer to Tennessee than the Gulf of Mexico.