Saturday, August 30, 2008

Fabulously Interesting

Well, to ME it is.

I found a couple of websites that have basic lessons in speaking MODERN Greek. I had a lot of fun going over them and learning what was there. It was also fun to see the difference between MODERN Greek and the ANCIENT Greek I have taken classes in at Ole Miss.

Remarkably, a lot is the same. Some words are not changed at all. Some words are new (meaning changed from their Ancient counterparts) , and some words are completely new. Homer didn't write much about the televisions (teleorase) and computers (upologistes) of his day, so Academia doesn't know what the words for those things were. I don't think centaurs even had a word for "laptop."

I was reminded yesterday at our PEAK Science expo that it is only a few weeks until our Geography Fair. The girls and I need to get cracking. Of course, since DD10 wants to do Greece I am totally justified in these hours spent wasting time in research. I can even make her learn some of it.

I promised DD8 that she could learn the Greek alphabet and we would send "coded" messages with those letters used instead of regular letters, still in English words, though. That would be fun if I wasn't afraid it would hinder her actual reading efforts.

Monday I will have the girls write up and Tuesday we will mail off (since Monday is holiday) letters to the embassies of Greece, India, and Canada requesting information. DH says I should just go to the embassies' websites and download what they would send us. I probably will do that, but I want the girls to get the experience of writing polite correspondence. Also, they will love getting something addressed to them in the mail.

We will be making a sari as an example of traditional Indian garb and a peplos as an example of ancient Greek fashion. What should we do for Canada? We live in Mississippi. I don't have any parkas handy. (haha, just kidding, Canadian readers) No, seriously... what should we use? We might have to resort to simply cooking some traditional Canadian am going to need to do some research.

So, we'll be learning to count to 10 in Hindi, and maybe another Indian language or two, to showcase that there are many; Greek, of course; and French.

I think I will make DD9 do her entire presentation in both English and French (meaning what she has written on her presentation board, not her oral presentation.) That would be cool.

Does Oh, Canada have French lyrics? I bet I could find out online. Learning to sing it, that is another story.

I'd bet money it is easier than the Greek or Indian anthems, though.


RebelAngel said...

It seems O Canada was originally written in French. Those lyrics haven't changed, but there are numerous English versions, one of which was made official in 1980.

I knew I could find out. Now, If I could only find out what Canadians eat and wear...

Zirbert said...

I'm sure you already found it, given your followup comment, but yep, O Canada has French lyrics. This site has the full history and English lyrics:

To see the French version, click the "Francais" (whatever that means) link in the upper left. It'll translate the whole page, including the lyrics. That happens on a lot of Canadian websites. We're kind of funny that way.

We eat pretty much the same stuff you do. Same goes for the clothes - mostly the same as yours, only more of them in the winter, which runs from early November to late March or so.

One possible food difference - In Quebec (which is Canada only on a technicality these days), you can get Poutine (pronounced like the Russian president) everywhere, like you can get fries in most places. You could go with that. Poutine is just fries with cheese melted over it and gravy on top. Great stuff. You can feel your arteries slam shut with each bite.

We also call the beverage that you call soda "pop". Maybe you could do something with that.

Warning: I don't think I've ever met anyone who says "eh" at the end of their sentences. Bob and Doug MacKenzie lied to you.

RebelAngel said...

I had a friend from Vancouver when I was in college (the first time.) He did add the "eh" to the end of every few sentences. However, we brilliant Alabama intellectuals mocked and derided him enough that it only lasted a few weeks. After that he suppressed it.

It was for his own good.

Sonya...after play said...

MY friend from Victoria said "eh" and "aboot" and others I fail to recall specifically.
OK, you totally freaked me out about the Geo Fair! WHere did I say we were doing ours????? Am I going to miss ANOTHER fair??? I am totally working hard at the core subject stuff and all our new curriculum then ya have to throw me a Greek curve ball like that... Ch by the way is doing a little Greek and Latin this year. We had fun with it today. Guess we'll have to forgo it tomorrow so we can do all the geo fair stuff.... thanks for checking in with my blog, new one is coming along soon! Hope your DH gets back safe!