Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Resolution 1 down

So much for posting to my blog every day.  If one of the resolutions is going to be scrapped, this one is better than the exercise and healthy eating.  AND (this is big for me) missing one day doesn't mean I have to quit.

I might back off some if all I have to post is talking about the weather.

Don't get me wrong, the occasional "It was lovely today." or "Brrr, I hate the cold!" is still going to show up, and THERE'S NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT.  But I promise to try to be more interesting than glancing out the window or checking the weather online.

Daily walking report - Still going on day 6
Daily photo report - Still going, although, some days are better than others.
Daily eating report - Getting healthier as time goes by.

And, I hope you weren't fooled by the word "daily."  None of those topics makes for exciting blogs posts.

What would? 
Humor?  Sure, but my life is pretty mundane.  I don't really live in a comedy.
Philosophy?  Sometimes I might dabble, but it's nothing to warrant a whole blog over, just a post now and then.
Cooking?  Movies reviews?  Religion? (tried that, got bored)

Honestly, I will write whatever strikes me that day. 

I don't know why I am haranguing you over this.  Really, I guess I am typing my own thoughts to myself. 

But, this blog really isn't much more than that.

Actually, I am kind of bored and only posted here as something to do.  I think I'll go play some sudoku.

For your viewing pleasure - a bad picture of the Mississippi River taken as we drove across the bridge from Mississippi into Arkansas.

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