Thursday, January 1, 2015

Life, the Universe, and Everything

Happy New Year!

A lot has happened in 2014. 
We have moved from Mississippi to Texas, that's the big one. 
I have lost 30 pounds.  But, you cannot really tell yet.  I am still wearing the same clothes; they just fit differently. 
Dd 14 (that's the youngest, if you can't keep the ages straight (and who can?)) got her braces off last month and seems to be doing well with her retainer. 

I turned 42 and tried to make a list of 42 things I want to do this year.

1. Quilt - I have "quilted" before.  I know the general process.  but I have never made anything bigger than a baby blanket.  It would be nice to make a full, bed-size quilt.

2. Paint - I have always felt like I was not qualified to paint a painting.  Like only "real" artists get to do that.  Well, screw that thinking.  I am going to paint something!

3. Exercise - I have already been doing this recently, but I want to keep at it, so might as well put it on the list.

4. Eat healthy - Ditto.  Although, this has not been as easy as the exercising.

5. Garden - Not our yard, can't till the soil, but think I might like to have some pots with flowers on the back patio or front walk.

6. Organize - Even after paring down our belongings for the move this place is crazy.  it won't get any less so unless I do something about it.

7. Knit - I already knit, but I have put that hobby on the back burner for a while.  I think I'd like to pick it back up again, maybe learn a new technique.

8. Graphic Art - Art doesn't have to be paint or clay.  I think I'd like to make something impressive on my computer.

9. Explore our new city - We have been here almost a year.  The areas we travel often are familiar now, but there are huge tracts of city we have never seen.

10. Meet People - My hermetic tendencies have not abated.  I need to force myself to get out and meet people.

11. Write a Novel - I have stories in my head.  Time to get them into my computer.

12. Write a Comic - Some of those stories are more image based.

13. Teach - I think we will look into local homeschool groups, meet some new people.  Also, we need to be more in-depth with some of our lessons.  And branch out into new subjects.

14. Walk - Seems a waste to live across the street from a cute little park and never use it.  I want to get out there every day, if possible. 

15. Collect Dirt - I will have to travel farther from home to get more states for my World Collection. 

16. Travel - I would want to do this even if I wasn't wanting to collect dirt.  I'd love to do more than just drive to the state line, but there are no plans...yet.

17. Keep to the Budget - I have bad spending habits, even though I KNOW better.  This year I want to do better.

18. Write Letters - Many of the people I want to keep in touch with are not online.  So, this year, let's keep in touch!

19. Give to Charity - I have in the past, I want to do so in the future.

20. Be Kind - I wish everyone would try harder at this.  I need to try harder at this.

21. Photography - Let's take some pictures!

22. Fold 1000 origami cranes - Japanese legend says a wish will be granted if you do this.  Ok.  Let's see.  If I fold a crane every time i eat healthy rather than junk, and every time I work out, etc I might get my wish of losing weight.  I am willing to give it another try.

23. Go to the Zoo - A lot of good walking can get done between the kangaroos and the gorillas.

24. Learn to make stained glass designs - I don't suppose I NEED a new hobby, but...I would LOVE to be able to do this.  How do I learn how?

25. Learn to make lace - Ditto

26. Crochet - I already know hoe to crochet.  But, as with the knitting, I have let it fall for a while.  Let's make something lovely!

27. Finish my doll house - I really need to stop buying stuff for the doll house if I am not going to use it.  And I love working with the miniatures, so...let's actually get something done!

28.  Walk at least 1 5k race - This past Thanksgiving (November 27, 2014) my family and I walking in our first 5k.  This was a feat of athleticism I would not have been able to achieve only a few months earlier.  (I am still amazed that I did this!)  Sometime this year I want to do it again!

29. Art quilt - This is a different style of quilt making than what people normally think of.  The quilt is smaller and meant to hang on the wall as art rather than keep a bed warm.  I'd love to do something like this.

32.Finish my 42 Things List !!!!

I can't come up with 42 things I want to do while I am 42.  I am sure things will occur to me as time goes by.

Have you ever seen a more beautiful day for late November?  It was 70 degreesF and the sky was a lovely blue.  This picture is of the finish line.  After walking 5k it was a wonderful site.

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