Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A question I have not asked in many years...

I stayed up until 3am this morning. DD10 and I watched some episodes of Monk we hadn't seen and the first episode of Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader? I had slept late yesterday and didn't really feel like going to bed since there was no one there to sleep next to.

Once there I read for another hour and then got to sleep.

I had told DD10 that I will get her up when I get up and that if she gets up first she should remember to start the laundry and wake me up.

When I got up the sun was going down, 7-ish at this time of year. I didn't hear the girls. It is nice when they don't argue all day. They hadn't done their chores, but that is actually normal if I sleep all day. I don't see any reason we can't do school and laundry over night if we all want to be night owls.

I know we need to get some groceries today but I really didn't feel like going to Wal-Mart. I planned to order a pizza for dinner. Not healthy, I know, but easy and lower on the hassle-meter.

I got dressed and came out to the computer. Despite the large picture windows things were a bit grey out here. I sat down, turned on my lamp, and started to boot up the computer.

My DB was eating his dinner at the table. He is eating cereal, which the dudes around here sometimes do when there isn't anything else, even for supper. I guess he didn't feel like waiting for me to order the pizza. I can understand that. I asked him where the girls are. He said he thought they were still asleep. (I think he doesn't like that I let them stay up all last night and then sleep all day. Oh well. My kids, my business)

The computer boots up. This thing is moving SLOW (cue blurry worm-hole effect and low, drawn out voice effect there.) I started flipping through the book I had been reading in the wee hours this morning to find the pages I wanted to email quotes from to DH in Chicago, in case he does get a chance to read emails. My eye glanced to the clock in the lower right hand corner of my screen.

7:04 AM

What the...? The virus I have been suspecting is making my computer super slow has screwed up my clock! No, wait...

Deep thinking for a few seconds. (cue cute-because-it-is-cliche elevator music)

I ask DB if I can ask him an embarrassing question. He says ok, but I can't bring myself to get out those words I haven't spoken since college (the first time around.) You know, the ones usually reserved for the wasted college students or the trans-oceanic traveling types. Is it morning or night?

So, I wuss out and ask him if he is getting ready to go to class. Yes, he is, he says. At that point I hang my head and tell him why I asked. We both get a little laugh. He points to the window and says "The sun is coming UP, not going DOWN."

Yes, well, it is hard to tell on a cloudy morning at this time of day at this time of year.

You know who I blame? DH
If he had been here he would have been getting ready to go to work and I would have KNOWN it was morning.

Tell me, how in the world I could feel so awake after 3 hours sleep that I could even POSSIBLY mistake it for 12+ hours!

Then again, if I am making that sort of a mistake, perhaps I am not as refreshed as I think.

You know what annoys me the most? I was looking forward to the pizza and now I can't order it(at least not for many hours.)

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